Knowing Nothing, Living Happy

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Read now a free chapter of “Knowing Nothing, Living Happy”; the ultimate guide on “how to turn uncertainty into brilliant possibilities”.

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Deep Field Relaxation™ (DFR) is based on the idea that all living beings consist of energy and information and are connected in the Universal or Deep Field.
DFR is a process that takes us beyond illness and limitations of the human mind into the infinite possibilities of this Field and supports the creation of freedom from physical, emotional, spiritual or social imbalance.
This gentle process leads the mind and the body into deep relaxation which is known as increased calmness, absence of fear, tension or anxiety. Only when we are deeply relaxed can we let go of old beliefs and the need to control What Will happen next. Only then can we completely accept What Is without resistance. That state is desired by all… read more

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  • Cloud of Unknowing
    …Everything I think I know as a fact, every solid thought, belief, even matter: what if they are fluid and can shape-shift with attention and intention? and so what remains, steady and present?… There …
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    I work with DFR regularly, and it changes me and my work. My attitude has changed fundamentally. That’s my biggest change. And my old patterns of doing something – they are coming and going and I no longer take them so serious. Once again I am encouraged to continue this work and to learn patiently by doing it.

    Rosemarie, Switzerland

    Dear Galina, dear Clif, first: thank you again for this wonderful and powerful seminar last weekend in Hamburg. I can feel the power and the silence yet, it’s unbelievable. So many nights I couldn’t sleep more than two or three hours without waking up – the last nights I first woke up when the alarm clock went off. Wow!

    Kathrin, Germany

    I settled down on my bed just before 9.00 PM, listening to the Mind Music. I was floating within my consciousness in my own body on some kind of fluid, like oil. It actually felt as if a slight shift of perception had taken place. The next day and even now life seems very relaxed to me. Very nice to experience!

    Milan, Holland