If you feel confident and passionate about spreading this knowledge to others, you can apply for our  trainer-education-programme in order to become a Certified Deep Field Relaxation™ Trainer. The trainer-education-programm comprises among others further personal coaching by Galina Sanderson a/o certified DFR Trainers as well as “hands-on” training and supervison during various DFR seminars. 

 The trainer-education-programme contains the following steps:

1. The completion of Modules 1, 2 and 3 -the Foundation, Master and Whakapapa-Family Patterns seminars, more.
2. A successful application as a Registered Practitioner (Module 4), more.
3. An agreement with Galina Sanderson to start the trainer-education-program.
4. Being an assistant for at least 3 seminars to Galina Sandersons or a certified DFR Trainer without remuneration and covering your own expenses (no travel or accommodation compensation).
5. Voluntary support of minimum of one project for the benefit of the Deep Field Relaxation™ community,  i.e without  remuneration, (type of support to be discussed  with Galina Sanderson).

The Certification as DFR Trainer:

7. You will be certified as a Trainer only after the final decision of Galina Sanderson and after signing  the Deep Field Relaxation™ Trainer Contract.
8. The certification is valid for a period of 2 years for one or more of the following specific courses: Foundation Seminar, Master Seminar or Whakapapa – Family Patterns, and could be renewed after this period.

The financial aspects of the trainer-education-programme:

  • You are responsible for all seminar costs connected to the Foundation Seminar, Master Seminar and Whakapapa seminars (at current prices); travel and accommodation expenses and current registration fees for the level of a Registered Deep Field Relaxation™ Practitioner.
  • No additional costs for obtaining the DFR Trainer Certification are to be paid to the Deep Field Relaxation™ organisation or Galina Sanderson .
  • Once you are certified as a DFR Trainer,  you will be required to pay royalties to Galina Sanderson as defined in the DFR Trainer Contract for your net trainer revenues earned with your Deep Field Relaxation™ seminars.