We are all connected, and we aim towards creating the community of Practitioners and Clients.
In line with this intention, where possible, we work as Teaching Teams of Certified Trainers and Trainer Assistants.

You too can join our friendly Team of Trainers by following our Trainer Education Programme
We built it up so you can acquire a level sufficient to be certified as DFR Trainer.

Christoph-Hasenstab, Cologne/Neunkirchen-Seelscheid

Quote: “Deep Field Relaxation™ is a fantastic opportunity to quickly and easily enter into a very deep relaxation. In that relaxation solutions on all levels may then arise.”

DFR Trainer

DFR Trainer


Katja Stoppelhaar-Piontek, Leipzig

Quote: “Deep Field Relaxation is a miraculous experience. I have never felt such a calmness before.“

„ Deep Field Relaxation™ is a wonderful experience. When I am deeply relaxed, I feel so connected, I feel the oneness with everything. This fills me with strength, lightness and makes me radiate from deep inside. For me, DFR has opened the road to more inner peace and tranquillity.”

DFR Trainer-in-training

DFR Trainer

Sonja Hitz, Zürich

Quote: “Deep Field Relaxation™ changed me and my life in a magnificent way”. 

DFR Trainer

DFR Trainer

Roel Henkes, Klagenfurt/Liebenfels

Quote: “Deep Field Relaxation™ is an exiting and joyful road into the unknown and towards a natural balance”

Deep Field Relaxation and paragliding?

Senior DFR Trainer

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