The purpose of the Deep Field Relaxation™ trainings is to discover, explore and experience connection to the Universal or Deep Field, which is a never-ending source of personal transformation, joy and well-being.

Accessing the Field is only possible when the mind is relaxed and the ego of the practitioner is not involved.

Deep Field Relaxation™  does not conflict with any other therapeutic modality, rather it adds another dimension to the practice you may be doing already. Therefore it is considered not another therapeutic method, but a state  of being.

You will learn:

  • How to go into the state of deep relaxation amidst all the world storms and continuous change.
  • How to tap into the body’s intrinsic knowing, triggering the “relaxation response”.
  • How to allow natural order to unfold and “let go” of the mind
  • How to form a clear intention without attachment to the results
  • How to apply the concept of compassion to yourself and others in real life situations
  • How to be present and be in peace with What Is
  • How to see and work with mind resistances

The main approach used in the training is not the usual intellectual studying, but transmission of the ideas and induction of special states of consciousness. For centuries it has been used by ancient societies and tribal cultures as a teaching method. We follow a playful way of awakening the intrinsic knowledge of harmony and balance within each of us.

The Deep Field RelaxationTM training modules offer different levels of training that present an opportunity to go deeper and develop confidence in practicing Deep Field RelaxationTM skills. There are no restrictions to the number of times you may participate in the Foundation, Master and Whakapapa-Family Patterns Seminars.