The desire to become a Registered Practitioner means you will need to acquire in depth understanding and certain experience of this approach.

What is required from you?

  • In order to become a Registered Practitioner you will first need to complete at least one Foundation Seminar (Module 1) and one Master Seminar (Module 2).
  • You need to write a two-page essay (in your own language), describing your understanding of the principles of Deep Field Relaxation™.
  • You also have to present 10 documented case histories where you have applied DFR and as a result an individual (or an organisation, group, animal, land) showed changes in health or life situation.
  • The cases have to be verified by the subject(person) of the process (where it is possible).

Guidelines for recording your 10 case histories:

  • what was the condition a person/ group/ animal came to you to resolve/ move away from
  • how many sessions did you offer, in what setting ( at your clinic, office, distant, unusual settings)
  • what were your personal observations about that person/group/animal
  • what was your personal state/ challenge/unusual events at the time of ‘working’ with this person
  • what is your personal experience after meeting that person/ group/ animal
  • what was the result – if possible supply a copy of doctors’ conclusion or medical tests or writing from a person
  • what other effect Deep Field Relaxation created in that person/ group/ animal, is it long lasting
  • anything special you like to write about this case

Galina Sandersons is the sole authorising body granting any type of Deep Field Relaxation™ certification.

After confirming your certification we offer you to  be mentioned on our official webpage with referral to your practice. A license fee of €135 applies. The fees go towards maintaining and upgrading the present webpage.

Your certification will be recognised for two years and is renewable. Renewal is possible by attending a further educational event every second year  – either a retreat or a Master Seminar –  and by paying the current license fee.

Example of an essay and case histories