Where It Originates From?

Despite the speed of modern life and the enforced drive for success, still there is a powerful need in our hearts to escape the ordinary, to live life full of mystery, magic and meaning. To lead an Enchanted Life.

En-chanted comes from the root chant, an ancient form of repetition or incantation of sacred words and phrases or mantras. Chanting was a significant part of life in the ancient and tribal cultures all around the world. It was used to focus the mind, regulate the breath, let go of everyday worries and connect with the Divine Powers.

The most well known mantras are: Tibetan Om Mani Padme Hum, Hindu Hare Krishna, Hare Rama, Sufi Ya Sha Fi, Native American Ya Na Hei Ya.

If you have a problem with relating to another spiritual tradition, you can simply repeat/vocalise the vowels aa-ee-ii-oo-uu. The vowel sounds are considered sacred in many different traditions—from the Hebrew Kaballah to Tibetan Buddhism. If you tone them for a long time, they create special harmonics – sounds which we normally can’t hear in normal speech but which effect both the physical and the etheric bodies. So by vocalising  the vowels you will still experience the benefits of chanting.

Voice in the form of chant and tone has tremendous power over the human psyche and body. It is such a unique, powerful and easily accessed instrument of self-expression, self-discovery and communication.  It helps us in the search of spiritual attainment and alignment.

Why do we chant?

It carries one through every ordeal. It is repeated not for the sake of repetition, but for the sake of purification, as an aid to all effort. It has no empty repetition. For each repetition has a new meaning, carrying one nearer and nearer to God.” – said Gandhi.

When toning or chanting in a group, even without any training, you will notice how easy it is to tune into other people and how you are being supported by their voices.  In such ways we create a sonorous community we feel the joy of simply being alive and connected. It allows you to experience the feeling of inner harmony and unity with the world.Most of the times the exact meaning of words in chants and mantras are impossible to extract because there could be several layers of meaning in the original language and not enough words in English as well as other Western languages to convey those layers. But despite of that fact, when clear and pure intentions are sent with love, they will carry the sound to the appropriate place to accomplish the appropriate response.

You Can Chant!

In our trainings we work with several sound healing tracks  – Sacred Chanting108 Beads and Flying Bird Theme. All of them are the examples of healing sound vibrations which tone our bodies and put our minds in a special tranquil state.

On our Sacred Chanting you can hear Alleluja Amen, a Latin chant and Hebrew El Yon.They have come from ancient times to the modern world as devices for connecting our true self to Cosmic Energy through Sacred Sound. They are helpful in times when we search for meaning or become ill and lose our inner harmony.  You can follow the words of the chants, exercising your breathing, making it slower, deeper, more relaxed. Make gentle movements at the same time. By chanting these sacred words we balance the breath, heartbeat and energy centres (chakras) of the body. Tuning into the thousands of years of tradition, we heighten our own vibration. Without any effort we release our natural voice and become able to re-create unity within ourselves, with nature and people around us. Thus we create harmony within and therefore healing.

Flying Bird Theme has been created as an accompaniment to the Qigong  movements (see our DVDFlying Bird Qigong). Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing exercise, which cultivates and restores life energy, promotes physical, emotional and spiritual health. Track 1: Flying Bird– The soothing sound of a woman’s voice singing a lullaby to a child, accompanied by flute, allows the mind to flow away across the deserts and mountains  Thoughts, ideas and emotions slow down and eventually melt.

Track 2,3,4: Tibetan chimes, African mbira and flute create magic space where the mind becomes free from everyday concerns, the body floats and dissolves in emptiness.

108 Beads – collection of chants from around the world – Arabic Ya Sha Fi, Chinese Namo Ami To Fo, Tibetan Om Mani Padme Hum, Latin Alleluja Amen, Native American Ya Na Hei,  Hebrew El Yon, as well as universal sounds Om and Aah. Recorded by a group of non-professional singers, this CD demonstrates how easy harmonics could be created if we are guided by collective intention. It also allows us to join in and experience mystical space without even leaving home.

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