The Master Seminar is the next step in developing your skills and understanding of this approach.

Completion of the Foundation Level and personal experience gained through working with Deep Field Relaxation™ are prerequisites for participation.

Once again in a playful way we will awaken the memory of our inborn joy and balance. We will get comfortable with silence and concept of letting go. Through stillness of the body-mind and deepened awareness  of your breath you will experience a stronger connection to the Field.

Together We Will Discuss:

  •  variations in DFR sessions
  •  ego and non-ego state
  •  numerous possibilities of integrating this approach in your existing practice
  • non-local effect of intention
  •  practitioner as a companion
  •  application of your newly learned skills to birth and death
  • relationships and mind patterns

We will exchange experiences and answer specific questions resulting from your own practice. This will equally help you in being comfortable with the not-knowing and  the non-doing. You will use your diary to keep track of any changes you observe inside yourself. While doing so, you will encourage subtle shifts in your consciousness. The Master Level seminar is a further step on the path towards becoming an experienced practitioner.

We will return to the practices from the Foundation Seminar:

  • meditations on existential fears and fear of death and dying
  • gentle movements, creative visualisations and healing breathing techniques
  • chanting & toning
  • sensing different types of energy
  • creating space in the physical body
  • recording your emotional movements

As part of the training you will work with clients specifically invited for that purpose. These practical sessions will give you a clearer understanding of your personal needs and mind resistances as a practitioner.