Whakapapa – Transforming Our Family Patterns

This module in our eductional programm you can follow at any time. What is it all about?

If you are trying to resolve a problem which repeats itself constantly…If you are torn apart by conflicts with your parents, children or partners… If you fail to achieve certain goals in professional and private life…The answer can lie in tendencies prevailing in your family of origin.

One day we suddenly look in the mirror and realise that we have inherited our father’s square chin or aunt’s smiling eyes. But if we can inherit the way we look, we can also inherit the way of thinking and behaving. Very often we can hear “you sound exactly as your father!” or “you are so strong headed as your grandmother!” Sometimes as a tribute to the memory of our ancestors, we are called their names. Later we find that not only we carry their name, but we repeat the story of their life. We tend to be haunted by old fears, ideas and reactions, which create our present psychological upsets and health problems. They could be not our own, but inherited along the line from our ancestors on both sides of the family.

We also can inherit our parent’s talents, and in this case we are told that we have good genes.

Different world cultures – Chinese, Native American, Indonesian, Polynesian – talk about one person’s life as if a thread being woven in the family or tribal tapestry, about responsibility given to each generation in preserving the flow of life.

There are answers for our present situation hidden in our family history. We can predict certain results basing conclusions on the stories of our family members. Not only tribal cultures, but Swiss psychologist C. J. Jung recognized the importance of the family archetypes (energetic patterns of behavior and thoughts) on one individual life.

In the world of ancient knowledge, each person is seen as an instrument in the family ‘orchestra’. If one instrument in the orchestra is out of tune, then the entire musical creation lacks harmony. Perhaps many generations in your family passed anger to each other, or the family is known for having a history of alcoholism, or always women in your family outlived their men. Then your role is to bring that harmony back to the family line, to neutralise the negativity which has been inherited.

In this Gathering we will share the patterns we already know in our life, beneficial or destructive. The destructive ones will be seen as powerful learning opportunities. We will understand that everybody has these patterns and by revealing them, they can be overcome. They will be transformed by the powerful medium of story telling, chanting and creating a special Mask.

In such way we allow Love to make all the necessary corrections within any Time frame. It may be hard and on-going work, so be patient! Very soon we might discover, that we have transformed not only our own life, but the lives of our children, grandchildren and parents. The key element in transforming the old family field, re-tuning the old patterns, is the Intention.
 Ancient texts talk about the power of guided intention or the ability of consciousness to directly affect one’s own physiological as well as psychological state. When a person with a strong focused intent thinks of healing his own family patterns, very often the whole life experience improves, even without any specific action. Mind-Intent healing is instantaneous and does not depend on the proximity of the family members or time when it happens.

“… over these past months layers of old guilt, grief and anger are peeling of, big changes are happening in my extended family.I  have been to a funeral for one of my relatives and I was able to be sad, happy for the person and stand firm and walk away from people who are creating trouble. This is a major turn around .My tummy is once again settling from the recent upsets! and I think it’s getting the best healing it can through this time, thanks to having come to the workshop and journeying on from it” Debra M

“…since I attended your workshop, there has been a shift in family thinking, it  made a nice supportive environment for myself  and my baby . I do believe there has been a positive movement  in understanding each others needs and it is still evolving. I still say both prayers and expect more to come” Andrea B .