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Date(s) – 18/11/2017 – 19/11/2017
10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Seelscheid bei Köln


DOWNLOAD NOW: Einladung DFR Seminar Christoph Nov 2017

You can participate in this Foundation Seminar without previous knowledge.

The pressure on people increases constantly. Financial crisis, family problems, existential fears and many other fears make people ill nowadays. Death and dying, although integral parts of our life, are frequently still dread-loaded taboo themes increasingly producing fear and stress at advancing rate. It is obvious that in our society there is a growing need to cope with negative effects of the stress load. Deep Field Relaxation™ takes people into a state of profound relaxation where changes are possible, fears dissolves and balance can be restored. One of the keys of this understanding is to experience and sense your own inner silence (read more…)

  • After completion of the Foundation Seminar you will be able to begin working with Deep Field Relaxation™.
  • When using Deep Field Relaxation™ please remember to inform any client beforehand, that we do not diagnose or interfere with ongoing medical treatments (see our disclaimer). This may in particular be needed if you don’t have a professional medical background.
  • Contact and information:
    Christoph Hasenstab, Certified DFR Trainer
  • Organisation and booking:
    Stefanie Kriegel, mail stefanie.kriegel@koeln.de, phone 02238-949556
  • Language:
  • Costs:
    € 325,-