It is almost three years since we moved back to New Zealand – Clif’s mother country – which is the youngest land mass to rise out of the ocean. It is the first country to greet each day’s sunlight. It’s breathtaking sights, full of glorious light and colours, have turned it into one of the most popular tourist delights. Many people across the globe hold New Zealand as a Big Dream, an ultimate escape destination because of its remoteness they all think that if only they can reach it one day they will enter a completely different world altogether.

And New Zealand is a different world altogether!  Two world renowned visionaries, Buckminster Fuller and Edgar Cayce believed that this country could become the blueprint for change in the world and there are many signs that it is becoming that reality. People living here still hold the memory of a very natural way of living and sharing in a community way – the unspoken culture of looking after and taking care of each other, which is the only way to create a peaceful future for all.

We were very fortunate  to meet one of the carriers of the Inner Wisdom, a story-teller and preserver of peace, who is ready to share her  nation’s ways of looking after the land, the water and heritage seeds.

Spending time with Ruth Makuini Tai from Aroha Education may well transform us all into guardians of the world. Our role then is to assist the Gods and ancestral spirits in the preservation and protection of the physical environment and culture for future generations. Ruth addresses international audiences with her own unique expression of how the Maori language and culture has preserved the teachings of light.  She also introduces ways in which these practices can be integrated into a modern lifestyle.