“You can’t go before it is your time”, Clif used to say about dying. His time has come, as on the 20th November 2013 his loving and compassionate heart gave up and stopped. A great tree has fallen …

Clif Sanderson started his final Voyage – back Home, back to the Stars.

Clif truly allowed his own life to unfold and lived it fully and passionately till the very last moment. It was a life of high ideals, of intention in action, of service to humanity. Clif fearlessly challenged the status quo by breaking conventionally accepted norms. He embodied his work and  taught people to dream, to question, to allow changes to happen in their own world while adding plenty of fun and humour.

He was a pioneer in applying what is now commonly known as “Field methods”, using intention and consciousness as powerful tools for healing and transformation. Even though he was and will remain to be a guiding light and an inspiration for thousands of people, he never acted as a New Age guru. He was a man of great integrity, kindness and humility and had neither a big ego, nor any demand for worship. He simply touched people with his hands and his gentle presence, allowing new horizons to open. He was not afraid of Not-Knowing; he thrived in uncertainty by asking “Isn’t that interesting …?”

Perhaps Clif’s most important message was that each of us carries this Quiet Space inside, the connection to the All-That-Is. He showed that staying in this wonderful place without attachment to any outcome, removes fear from uncertainty. He demonstrated this once again while leaving his body, peacefully stepping into the Unknown.

He became a real Global Citizen – over the last 40 years he travelled to 29 countries, to teach and work where life took him. In 1990 Clif courageously said YES! to the work with the victims of the Chernobyl accident in Belarus and the Russian Federation. Always enjoying new cultures, he remained proud of his Kiwi roots, being grateful for what he received in his younger years in his beautiful country. As a true Polynesian in his heart he developed an understanding that everything in life is interwoven and connected.

Te Kaumatua, Te Rangatira and Te Tohunga – Wise Elder, Light Weaver and Visionary – these are the names respectfully given to Clif by the Maori People of his native New Zealand.

He grew up in respect and gratefulness for the earth that carries and feeds us. He joyfully walked under the sky that provides nourishing water and sunlight. Like a giant Kauri tree he connected Heaven and Earth. His roots, branches and leaves stretching out to offer support and provide shelter, allowing the wind to spread his seeds, knowing that one day his offspring would form a Kauri forest.

As the founder of Deep Field Relaxation™ he never stopped joyfully explaining that anyone with the right understanding and intention can do this work. He gently spread his ideas as seeds, knowing that one day his students will continue his work. We are his offspring and that day has come! We are slowly becoming bigger trees ourselves, we are here to serve life with a smile.

For 23 years Galina Sanderson shared with Clif his life and passion. Together with a Teaching Team of Trainers she will continue to reach out to anyone who is ready to learn and practice Deep Field Relaxation

Galina would like to complete and make available some of Clif’s numerous creative projects:  his “Travelling Journals”, the “Heart Music”CD and translation of the book “Knowing Nothing, Living Happy” in other languages. 

You are welcome to support the completion of these projects by donating via this fundraising website: http://www.donationto.com/Clif-Sanderson-Journey-to-the-Stars.