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May we all rise above our own cultures and ethnicity. May we open ourselves to new possibilities.

May together we create safe Space for exploration of other dimensions of the mind. May we allow freedom of expression and unity with everything and everybody.

May this practice open our hearts and lead us into the the Field of Creativity.   

A collection of chants from around the world – Arabic Ya Sha Fi, Chinese Namo Ami To Fo, Tibetan Om Mani Padme Hum, Latin Alleluja Amen, Native American Ya Na Hei, Hebrew El Yon, as well as universal sounds Om and Aah. Recorded by a group of non-professional singers, this recording demonstrates how easy harmonics could be created if we are guided by collective intention.

It also allows us to join in and experience mystical space without even leaving home.


By using “108 Beads” on a daily basis you may expect :

* Disappearance of physical pain and depressive mood

* Old “stuck” emotions being resolved in a peaceful way

* Balanced and clear thinking

*  Love and new relationship appear

* Being inspired

* Improved self-esteem and self-confidence

* Easier way of expressing thoughts

*Feeling of general well being

Please be aware that continuous practice of chanting can help in shifting old beliefs and perceptions of what is right and wrong. Although real feeling of expansion and joy is much bigger than any expectations or pre-programmed results.

  • Do not listen to any meditation recording while driving or operating equipment.
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