Conversations in the Field – a set of six mp3 downloads


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The full set of six audio files includes Anecdotes, Conversation with Gloria,  Heather interviews Clif, Improve Your Health, Sticks and Stones, The Mystery. A  lively and easy manner telling the stories of Deep Field Relaxation, the miracles, the healings, the fascination of watching life-changes for people of many cultures and the boundless energy of joy and gratitude.

Gathered together here is the widest experience of DFR (once known as Intentional Healing) for you to adventure with. Remember DFR encourages each of us to express our own beliefs on our way to personal freedom, joy and spiritual satisfaction.. Sharing such stories are the foundations of gratitude.

1: mp3 The Anecdotes

Proven result of DFR from Australia, Moscow, U.S.A. and New Zealand. All sentient beings have a powerful desire to live, yet the ignorant mind can cause illness. DFR working with kids in Siberia. Anecdotes from Brazil – wayward personalities need help; in Hong Kong the ‘wrong thing’ helped. MIsunderstanding in Norway.

2: mp3 Conversation with Gloria 

Discussion with a clinical psychologist on the flow of energy experienced by patients; DFR suspends the mind – how to initiate it; compassion is really skillful action; being comfortable with working without trying; the importance of ‘not knowing’ – and many other aspects of Deep Field Relaxation.

3: mp3 Heather interviews Clif

Heather’s interview discussing the difference between DFR and Faith Healing; the impact of the consciousness of the ‘healer’; DFR works equally for animals, plants; even though DFR is ‘simple’ it requires a teacher; stories of working with Chernobyl children and adults; saying ‘YES’; the practitioner appears to be more effective if ‘exotic’ to the patient; how I work; with training anyone can do this – no one is ‘special’ or closer to the Source than anyone else.

4: mp3 Improve Your Health

How to make use of illness; pain brings learning; it is important to educate the mind to accept change; ‘Let Go and Let God’ – an old but useful adage; the mind desires habit; life demands progress through change.

5:mp3 Sticks and Stones

Different cultural ways to access the Field; the Chinese use bamboo or yarrow sticks through consulting the I Ching; in Nepal observing how carefully dropped grains of rice fall; Russians and Hungarians use molten lead; Credo Mutwa, Zulu Medicine man uses assorted trinkets; Filipino use wax to read the portents

6: mp3 The Mystery

How to allow: no resistance, no wishing, no hoping; training in breathing, calmness and safety; co-creators of All That Is; ideas on chanting.