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This is an easy to follow guide-book on:

– How to put the ideas of intention, energy, healing, connection to Universal Field and transformation of consciousness into practice
– How to allow the natural flow of life to guide us
– How to stay calm and relaxed in the midst of stress, uncertainty, illness, constant change and other “inconveniences”
– How to courageously acknowledge that “We Don’t Know” and let go of the need to be in charge
– How to see the magic unfolding in front of our eyes

This book is for those who have just begun to explore their healing abilities and for those who are already experienced caregivers and health practitioners. It will inspire anybody who is searching for a higher purpose in life.

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What Others Say About the Book:

To Clif what I call placing an order to the universe means setting a clear intention of what you want to achieve. And letting go to him is to know that all nature tends to produce harmony if only we stop working against that with our mind and with our Ego when it is in any fear of any kind. We can move the whole of the universe by understanding that WE do not need to know how it does that. Bärbel Mohr, author of the bestseller “Bestellungen beim Universum”, Germany

Clif Sanderson is a master storyteller. He has a huge talent for paying attention to life’s continual twists and turns, and he knows how to communicate what he’s learned in a light-hearted, engaging style. Knowing Nothing, Living Happy will not only make your day, it will also help make your life. Dr. Larry Dossey, author of the bestseller “The Extraordinary Healing Power Of Ordinary Things.”(USA)

An original, even offbeat account written in a light-hearted style – the reader is urged to become comfortable with ‘not knowing’ and review their progress. We accompany Clif on his many trips, especially in Russia, where for several years he was actively involved in healing and medical interventions following Chernobyl. He thinks that healing is open to all of us and that we can discover our life’s purpose through service to others. His joie de vivre springs out of the pages, then there is plenty of advice for the reader based on his own experiences of bringing spiritual and scientific ideas together. David Lorimer, Scientific and Medical Network (U.K.)

“Knowing Nothing, Living Happy” is the quintessential Westerner’s guide as it teaches you how to access the vast Cosmic Field in which the imposed limitations of human conditioning dissolve. ‘Knowing Nothing, Living Happy’ is written from the heart (as opposed to the head) in an easy, engaging style that will keep you mesmerized and involved in Clif’s unfolding journey of discovery that criss-crosses the globe. Without even realizing it, each page will trigger another subtle shift, preparing you to become an effective agent of love, light, and comfort to all those fortunate enough to cross your path. Your help in resolving the mess created by the mass of humanity is desperately needed at this critical hour in our history.’ Jean Claude Koven, author of the bestseller “Going Deeper” (USA)

You have a nice writing style Clif, easy to read and digest, it´s spacious. What a lot of interesting stories and experiences you´ve had!! I’m sure this information will enhance my healing work. You’ve found out a lot of things and discovered a lot of wisdom and ability on your own and that´s a really rare thing these days. Big respect. Phil, New Zealand

When I visited your website I was totally absorbed by the pure wisdom of knowing nothing. This is exactly the point where I am at this moment in my life. I ordered the book in English and read through it in one day (last Friday). Everything in the book resonates deep in my heart. Also the remarkable coincidences that occur when following your true destiny filled my eyes with tears. There are more things which the book triggered in me: I have been ill in 2007 and recovered from a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The fact that Clif went to Chernobyl to help the patients over there made a deep impression on me. Milan, Holland

Only 4 days have passed since I have purchased your book. And it took me only two days to read it! The words – or better said the content – moved something  deep inside. I know for a long time what you tell us in your book, only the “good-old” ego and “dusty and moaning” believe-systems want to convince me sometimes better.  Therefore THANK-YOU for the knowledge you share, the uplifting humor and the down-to-earth kindness. I normally do not write authors emails, but with you seems to be a bit different. I feel something like an “inner-push” to contect you. Anja, Germany

As it appears your book “Knowing Nothing” and your thoughts and teachings written in it are the most important, the most valuable, the most usable, the most powerful ever came to me. Being mindful and applying your ideas in everyday life proves highly effective. As one result of it I radically changed my intentions on using the Internet. Lots of knowledge, judgments, negativity. Aha !!?? Not always helpful…In your last email to me you wrote about the ONLY therapy, the YES therapy, the state of allowing. Ooohh yeah ! So easy, oh God, so difficult! Yet, I am on the road and happiness is my companion more and more often! Carsten, Germany