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Listen to the free demo of the mp3 “Mind Music”. It is most important to listen to the CD or MP3 download with the headphones, as sound travels from one ear to another. Special frequencies generated during the recording can be heard only through the headphones or stereo speakers.
Mind Music – demo


Music for Deep Relaxation, Rejuvenation and  Self -Transformation

“Not expecting and not rejecting, Neither wishing nor hoping,
Not grasping for, nor pushing away,
Simply residing in a quiet, calm, centred Space…”

After years of travel and research, we recorded the “Mind Music” CD with the intention of creating a Space where the mind is no longer in charge, where it becomes silent. Right there and then we are freed from our usual patterns of thinking and doing. Profound changes follow when we allow ourselves to be in peace with What Is. No more resistance. No more suffering. Often it takes some time before we recognize any subtle shifts in our perception of reality and understanding of ourselves.

Since its appearance in 1994 the “Mind Music” has been successfully used and praised by thousands of health practitioners and private individuals around the world.

What is the secret behind the unique healing effect of this CD? It is simple. The soothing melody and the unknown language of the prayer lull the brain into Alpha, Delta and Theta waves, where both hemispheres are stimulated and balanced at the same time. These waves are the most powerful, creative and healing states we can experience. No special technology was involved in the recording, all frequencies have been generated by our voices and supported by our clear strong intentions.

Since there is a freedom for the consciousness to explore the Space without limitations, each person experiences it in a different way. No need to force yourself to listen to the whole track at once. Start with 15-25 minutes at the time. Slowly increase the period of listening, it may happen that you will stop noticing time all together.

It takes our brains 21 days to create new neural pathways.  If you want to experience change, play it regularly to rewire the brain.

You can listen to the “Mind Music” before going to bed – focusing on the breathing and diving into stillness and deep relaxation. It is also very beneficial to play the CD during any type of therapy or medical treatment.

And you can simply enjoy it as a soothing background sound all day long around the house – plants, children and pets love it.

  • Do not listen to any meditation recording while driving or operating equipment.
    Android Mobile: Can directly download files to devices.
    iOS Mobile: Due to Apple Software Restrictions on mobile devices (not computers), you must first download your files to a Mac or PC computer. Then, you can open your files in iTunes and sync to your iPod/iPad/iPhone.
    If you would like to run the audio file on your smart device, you may first need to save the MP3 file on your computer. Then right click over the file you have just saved and select “Open With” and choose either iTunes or Windows Media Player. You will then need to sync your iPod, iPad, or iPhone with your iTunes program or your Smart Phone or Tablet with your Windows Media program.
    Due to the many variables associated with each individual’s computer, from what kind of software you own, to the version of your computer’s operating system, we are unable to coach you on how to setup this download on your Computer, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone or Tablet.


What people say about Mind Music:

She lost her mom, her horse and her dog. She suffered severe insomnia for the last 8 years. Today “…the most important thing is that I can sleep at least for seven to eight hours a night! I’m so glad and happy about this. I feel like a different person. And my partner, I was playing the music in front of him and we had a relaxing time. I’m absolutely sure that something has changed in him.

There is another thing happened. I live in a house in the mountains,  and in this house just one floor down lives a very close friend of mine, 75 years old. He suffers from a stroke he had in 2011. So he needs to take Marcumar to thin the blood . My bedroom is exactly above his bedroom.  While I was listening to the Mind Music every evening I did not tell him anything. A couple of days ago he told me, that a funny thing happened, he went to the doctor to check the blood, and guess what?!,the doc said there is no need to take this medication any longer! The doctor was a kind of astonished about the good results of his blood and couldn’t explain it.

Thank you once more for your support and I’m very glad that I had a chance to get in touch with DFR. Today is my mums birthday, she should be 65. I’m very sorry that I haven’t met you 3 years ago, perhaps she could still be with us….”

“…I listen to your Mind Music very often to calm down after long learning hours and I will take my little mp3 player along to the exam. It will play the mind music silently in my bag without earphones plugged in. I did this recently during a practice exam and reached 97%.”

“…I can always support people no matter what or where I am. Once the music is running (even on my mobile), it is like shifting into a “pure love” mode which is resonating with the people I am connected with in that moment – no further words or action required… no story to tell… just being there in presence…”

“…On the 12th January 2012 I went to the hospital to give birth. Although it was my fourth child, I was pretty scared. I’m 44 years old and this pregnancy felt as a real physical challenge. In the delivery room I was overcome with panic. My partner Rainer happened to have your “Mind Music” on his Iphone, and when he turned it on, I immediately calmed down and was able to go into a natural labor. I will always associate your music with the wonder of the childbirth”.

“…I could sense the light and peace. One time I felt I was at the center of creation witnessing everything unfolding. I feel that something inside me is slowly opening up and giving me support, especially through this difficult time”.

“…We were using your music as part of our joint treatments at a Reiki drop-in that she runs in London. I’ve found that your music helps the client become more receptive to the healing which is taking place as well as helping me to establish and sustain a meditative state while working”

“…Each time I am listening to your music it sounds like coming back, perhaps coming back home. But this very home looks different each time – and is filled with love and music”.

“…One of my qigong friends introduced me to the DFR technique and we listened to the music. I felt myself expanding only after a very short time of listening. I like to use it for myself for meditating and playing it while I’m giving sessions to clients”.

“…I experience a really deep relaxation I have never had before and I’m feeling very centred and grounded after listening”.

“…I have rarely heard such a beautiful human voice like the voice on your CD”.

“…A lovely recording, it helps me to reach what I call thoughtless awareness”.

“…I am listening to your “Mind Music” CD every evening and I am using this deep field relaxation application daily with my clients in my practice for balance. I am absolutely convinced that this concept offers me and my clients new opportunities, possibilities and chances to improve their life and find their real selves”.

“…The Mind Music is very interesting. There is the “Hallelujah” and the very simple chorus. That really helps coming out of everyday-thought just into breathing and relaxing. There are the Maori words in-between and -the mind goes looking for the meaning and just like in hypnosis you go deeper into relaxation (I am hypnotherapist as well). I practise DFR now whenever possible and even the children I am working with, who have learning difficulties, like it”.

“…My client asked me, how she could revive this peacefulness when she is alone at home, and I suggested her to buy your Mind Music. I never make pirate copies of the “Mind Music”, because I don’t want to destroy the precious and honourable vibrations it has. Deep Field Relaxation creates miracles all around, I feel good recommending buying your Mind Music”.

“…When I use Mind Music with my husband, and his head lies in my hands, he quickly falls asleep and feels good! When I use it for myself, I feel sometimes a kind of electricity running from my head in my body and also feel relaxed.”

It has been seen in the past, that in case of unauthorised copying, reproduction or broadcasting, the CD looses its magical effects.