After publishing a post on our Face Book page in remembering Clif’s first year of leaving this planet, a waterfall  of memories suddenly started flowing.

In the whisper of the silent wind 
The gentle ripple of the sleeping lake
The rustle of the falling leaf
The person who sat silently beside you
Then left no trace of his presence as he tiptoed away
Allowing unannounced miracles to quietly happen

…I will never forget Clif. In the physical form he was such a beautiful BEING. I remember in the nineties I attended one of his Intentional Healing workshops and I asked him if he could do a little healing on each of us. There were about 30 there. He said that he would if he had the time. Well at the end of the workshop, he came to each person in the circle and just touched us and we all fall to the ground in tears overwhelmed by the powerful LOVE. How could I ever forget that moment. It was like being touched by the hand of God. He is the purest Love and this is felt by all of us. Rosemary, Australia

…We were and are hugely saddened by Clif’s passing. He changed our lives and our philosophy in life.  We had hoped to communicate further on life, but perhaps he is still helping somewhere. Ken and Vigdis, Hong Kong

…Goosebumps all over when reading this last poem. Clif’s presence is felt often, his kind voice is unmistakable present at times. I talk to him a lot actually… Martijn, Netherlands

…Beautiful poem, so much like him. It’s impossible to think of him as “gone”. He is here. To me he his here. Beatrice, Italy

…I am touched and moved by Clif’s Poem. I think of him and of You a lot, have his picture, you send me, in front of me, when I work…Agnes, Germany