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What is DFR? Deep Field Relaxation, was developed by Clif Sanderson during more than 40 years. It is a practice based on allowing physical, emotional and relationship changes to occur when we do not assume to know the deep-rooted causes. And it is that art of allowing one to enter into a quiet untroubled state….

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On the 28th March 2012 Deep Field Relaxation™ was registered as a European Trademark and on 29.11.2012 equally in Switzerland. That means that from those dates on, certain rules and legal regulations in using the name, the logo and any material produced by us, Clif and Galina Sanderson, apply. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, confusion…

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Sites of interest related to the general ideas of the Field, energy medicine, sound healing, culture, environment Caduceus magazine – Caduceus is an independent journal focused on all aspects of healing-physical, psychological, spiritual, ecological and environmental. Its aim is to inform and inspire. FOCUS International – is a world-based organization that broadly supports the physical, social,…