What is DFR?

Deep Field Relaxation, was developed by Clif Sanderson during more than 40 years. It is a practice based on allowing physical, emotional and relationship changes to occur when we do not assume to know the deep-rooted causes. And it is that art of allowing one to enter into a quiet untroubled state. It opens the possibility for you to experience your own natural connection to life’s desire to exist in harmony. It not only brings practical solutions, but inspires, enlightens and refreshes your soul. Although many people prefer to be assisted by a qualified practitioner to reach the first levels, there is no danger trying it for yourself.

This state can be called the Zero Point Field because when the mind relaxes, the body follows and the Universe or Divine Presence reveals itself without our conscious effort. Thus we can experience unity with everybody and everything. What we need to do is simply get out of the way and allow nature to take its course.

Can you do DFR incorrectly?

The key is to remember that your role is to simply allow for the creation of a quiet, calm, centered space. However, to gain confidence,  it is highly recommended that you find a qualified DFR teacher.

Can you harm anyone?

In DFR we never use any substances neither do we channel or manipulate energy. We simply allow appropriate changes to take place. These changes take place through the force of nature’s powerful desire to see life existing in harmony and good health.

Can it harm the practitioner?

No. On the contrary, since you are both a participant and an observer, you can expect to feel wonderful after offering DFR. The only harm can be if your ego swells with pride after seeing so many miracles.

Are there times when it is not appropriate to do a DFR session?

It is always appropriate if the client, or a friend or family member is in agreement.

What shall I do, if a client suddenly begins to cry when we are in session?

The best possible thing to do is to silently, gently continue the healing, allowing them the quiet space to cry.

Should I speak about their problems or emotions after the session or should I send them home with the advice to relax for the rest of the day?

Just suggest to them that they stay quiet for the rest of the day. It is better not to discus their experience just after the session as they are in the middle of processing all the changes. Some people make take days or weeks before they fully realise what has happened.

If any, what are the limitations of DFR?

There are no limits as DFR can be applied to health, work, relationships and even to world events. When you daily see remarkable changes happening it is hard to think in terms of limitations in the mind.

Does your own intuition improve as you get more experienced in DFR?

Absolutely. The more you do it the more your inner knowing grows because you become connected to the Field at a deeper level.

Is it always necessary to play the music? Is silence OK?

The specially created ‘Mind Music’ does increase the feeling of safe, unintruded space, however sometimes silence is appropriate as well.

Can people sometimes feel worse after a session before they get better?

DFR uncovers deeply entrenched patterns (resistances) in the mind. That’s why it is quite common to feel anxious, agitated and possibly have more pain as the changes take place. Usually those feelings fade away quite quickly.

What is distant healing’?

Distant healing or remote healing is the application of intention for the benefit of a person who is not in physical contact with the practitioner.

How does it work?

It is now known that we are all connected, as described by quantum physics. Therefore my intention to benefit that person’s situation is effective whatever the distance between us.

If you get the feeling to go to, or touch different parts of the body do you follow that instinct?

No, in DFR we don’t respond to our instincts or focus on what we might think of as particular imbalances. Frequently these are not necessarily the places where the primary cause originated. Ultimately the practice of DFR will lead you to understand that your presence is sufficient to facilitate appropriate changes.

How do you know if DFR is working or not?

There is only one way to know – listen to your clients, they will tell you.

Will DFR drain you while doing healing work?

If you get tired after seeing people, it means you are still trying too hard and you are not relaxed.

Do I need to protect myself?

No. I personally don’t think it is necessary because when you are in the loving space which is DFR, you are cocooned by the most powerful energy known.

But if your beliefs require the idea of protection, that is perfectly fine too.

Is it me, the practitioner doing the healing?

No. Because you are in the state of allowing and the natural healing process unfolds without effort on your part.

Do you have to focus keenly on intent e.g. healing the person?

You form an intention to be present and available and then let it go.

Can you combine DFR with other modalities?

If the request is for a DFR session do not mix it with other ways so as to avoid confusion.

Why does it appear to work for some and not for others?

The energy flow can be so subtle that for some people it takes a while to recognize. Very often they need time to reflect on how they were before receiving and afterwards DFR. Secondly, since it is now understood that every one of us is collectively connected to the Field, which permeates all realms, we need to consider the possibility, confirmed by personal experience, that the healing requested by the present client may be an esoteric link to the healing of past and future generations. Furthermore, in forming our intention to be of service to a single individual we must also allow that it may not be appropriate at that moment for that person, and so the flow will, of itself, become available wherever it is required.

Are you a failure if someone doesn’t get well or dies?

Absolutely not. It is not in your hands. It would be a failure not to offer them a moment of inspiration and hope.

Can you expect miracles when applying DFR?

Miracles are simply natural events, the mechanism of which we do not yet understand. DFR is a tool for transformation which brings extraordinary events into people’s lives.

As a DFR practitioner is it important to change my life style?

The only requirement is to find a way for you to go into a quiet and relaxed state easily. Meditation is good, qigong is excellent, yoga is a fine tool. The best change is one where you find yourself happy.

Do I need to say certain prayers or mantras when I’m working?

It is not necessary.

Can you do DFR regardless of religion or whether you believe in a God or not?

DFR deals with the Field of Creativity and all religions are part of it.

What does it mean if during a DFR session a client has muscle twitches or moans?

It is wonderful. It is a sign that stresses and tensions are being released.

Is it important to have a special healing room?

The Universal energy of the Field permeates everything and everywhere. That’s why you can do DFR perfectly well in a special healing room, as well as at a bus stop or on a mountain walk.

Does DFR work on animals or plants?

Yes, and they love it.

Can DFR ease someone’s dying?

Yes it can. DFR brings peace of mind and removes fear for the dying person and their relatives.

Do you need a teacher/mentor/guru for doing DFR?

Although it is easy to learn and everybody can practice it, it is highly recommended that you use the tools I provide on my web page www.deepfieldrelaxation.com (CDs, articles, newsletters etc.) and enrol in one of the Diploma courses. It is advisable to seek the guidance of a qualified practitioner of DFR.

Is it OK to work on my family members?

Yes, it’s fine.

Clients have said they felt intense heat from my hands, yet my hands felt a normal temperature to me. Can you explain this?

In DFR cold or heat or other sensations have no significance. As practitioners we do not channel or manipulate energy. We are just catalysts in this process.

What should one charge for a DFR session or do you charge at all?

It is appropriate to charge a fee similar to a massage session, or agree to a barter arrangement. Clearly if you wish to do this work you need to be supported.