My professional dance career ended abruptly due to severe injuries just when I considered myself beginning to peak. After 20+ years the pain, exhaustion and heartbreak are fast receding thanks to my perseverance with finding the healing techniques that would work with this severity of trauma. Clif Sanderson’s Flying Bird Qigong is awesome. It’s now a year into weekly classes and has become a very important part of my life. Mostly because it’s so grounding, balancing, calming, healing, strengthening, energising … the list goes into infinity. Complementary to dancing, especially good for regenerating a tired, overworked body and self, whether the stress has come from physical exertion or otherwise. Flying Bird lives up to its name. Doing it is utterly BLISSFUL! Thank you Clif! Words really aren’t enough. Arohanui, Debra McCulloch, Alexander Teacher, ATI teaching member.