I had a PSA test for my prostate and it was 14, I also was diagnosed with glaucoma. I was examined by a Urologist and my eye specialist. The urologist prescribed an operation to have a look at my bladder with a camera. The eye specialist prescribed eye drops to reduce the pressure. I preferred to take the advice of my friend Clif Sanderson. He gave me one treatment – the PSA returned to 0, and when I saw my eye specialist, he said the drops had worked wonders as the pressure was now normal. When I told him that I had not taken the drops he did not believe it – he was even more non-plussed when I told him of the psycho-neuroimmunology. This non-invasive, co-curing is for me!!! I am a very strong advocate of Clif’ Sanderson’s work. I believe that the more focused our intentions are, then the better we serve our patients. This type of treatment allows the body the best chance to heal itself without being dragged down by drugs or other invasive procedures.