I have been impressed with the work of Clif Sanderson, and am delighted that he saw patients in my Clinic. Not only has Clif ample evidence for the effectiveness of what he offers, but he is also an exceptional teacher of the method he calls Intentional Healing (Deep Field Relaxation). The simplicity of this method, which I learnt through attending his workshop, is remarkable! Moreover, I have found no conflict between Clif’s teaching and my other medical training. On the contrary, I see this as complementary, and I have no hesitation in recommending to my fellow practitioners that they experience this for themselves and then try out these simple effective methods in their own practices.

Clif’s encouragement to me to relax and focus on my intention to be of help has been a breath of fresh air in my medical environment where patients are increasingly distressed and hence searching even harder for something effective to ease their suffering. Intentional Healing (Deep Field Relaxation) seems to be a key ingredient in my response to this situation.