Dear Clif & Galina, I want to thank you for a most enlightening talk at Alternatives. I enjoyed it immensely. Although I’ve always considered myself to be a “good healer” I was amazed at the difference in my energy the following day. I  teach yoga classes, & that particular day I taught at a school for teenage girls in Twickenham Middlesex. Some of the girls are quite distracting, but over the weeks have come to enjoy Yoga. I usually end class by placing my hands on each of them wherever feels appropriate & they thoroughly enjoy it. But this time was quite extraordinary.  At least 6 of them approached me after class to tell me of seeing angels & feeling a great sense of being loved. I did remember after the talk how to really retract & allow what-ever to flow naturally without letting ego get in the way. And it worked brilliantly !!! Thank you!