“The field is the sole governing agency of the particle” – Albert Einstein
That which is natural for the body, is often difficult for the mind. Relaxing our body does not necessarily keep our mind free of worry and stress.
Therefore the practice of DFR, instead of focusing on specific problems, recognizes that we exist in a subtle field of energy – which is often referred to as a Universal Field or Morphogenetic Field.

It is in the understanding of that infinite permeation of our being that we can come to comfortably allow the forces of nature to create harmony.
‘Harmony’ means to be‘whole or complete’. By creating a focused intention to move towards wholeness, many manifestations of illness and suffering may be overcome.

Harmony could be restored and mind relaxation created whether you live in the same town or on another continent. In the latter case we will do a distant DFR session. We need mind relaxation because nobody can tell us what is the root cause of our problem.

Simply addressing symptoms may allow some relief however it is impossible for anyone to know whether the causes of anybody’s imbalance is rooted in the genes, viruses, bacteria, subconscious programming, environmental factors or a combination of all of those.

We Simply Don’t Know

There is a clear resonance between the tenets of DFR (‘Knowing Nothing, Living Happy’) and the intention behind the words of Nobel Prize Laureate, nuclear physicist, Richard Feynman: ‘All scientific knowledge is uncertain. This experience with doubt and uncertainty is important. We know that it is enough to be able to live and not know’.

During your session, you are invited to lie down at your home at a specific time, or in the treatment room, the practitioner then puts his/her hands on your shoulders – the centre of most tension – and then gently cradles your head and very quickly, with the body relaxed, you will find a special kind of quietness.

This is enhanced by listening to the Mind Music which effectively occupies your attention and your breathing becomes deeper, your body warm and calm and your mind relaxes too. This is the most natural way of reducing stress. Very often it is difficult to be fully relaxed in the middle of our busy lives. That’s when we need another person to help us reach that depth.

During the session the energy will flow smoothly to the places it’s needed most. From the physiological point of view, at this moment your brain goes into Alpha wave, which is known as the most beneficial healing and creative state. Your nervous system activates the appropriate response and your immune system switches on.

Research in psychoneuroimmunology shows that the body is far more responsive to mental influence than it has been previously thought. In this state of Alpha we can be in charge of virtually any biological process.
When deeply relaxed the body is given freedom to restore homeostasis and health.

With such deep relaxation there is no need for subliminal suggestions from any outside source – your body, your spirit and your DNA, all join in together to provide precisely what you need at that exact moment.

Every person is unique and that’s why different things happen to different people during their DFR session. Changes can be very subtle and happen in different areas of life – your relationship, your work, your surroundings and perceptions. Perhaps not only the pain disappears but also there is a greater chance to Know Who You Are.

After a DFR session it becomes easy to make very important decisions, to start a dialog with your children or partner and very often that leads to a complete life transformation.

Why not be attentive and loving towards yourself? Don’t miss those little details, they are important!

Try to be patient – the healing effect may not appear immediately, sometimes it becomes clear weeks or even months later.