The role of the wisdom keeper is to guide the mind into that moment
of silence when miracles are possible.
Immediate results, though often occurring, are not sought,
for it may take years, perhaps generations for today’s changes to mature.
Therefore the Wisdom Keeper  patiently abides in the silent knowledge of allowing,
for allowing speaks of proper relationship with the eternal;
of creative participation in the plan which lies out beyond the span of a single lifetime.
Thus comforted, the mind, within a moment of quiet understanding,
experiences a vibrant knowing of the spiritual universe.


The Ten Principles of Deep Field Relaxation (DFR)

  1. The Practitioner never desires to have power over another. Avoid actions implying superiority such as diplomas, white coats or pretentions of ‘enlightenment’.
  2. The Practitioner understands the importance of Not Knowing. It is impossible for anyone to fully know what is causing a problem – physical, mental or spiritual. By quietening the mind, the Practitioner, however, allows millions of years of cellular life force to act in perfect resonance for that person at that exact moment.
  3. The Practitioner does not smoke or drink stimulants. Joyful singing, chanting or even crying soulfully leads to that moment of release from the need for artificial stimulation.
  4. The true Practitioner does not wish for recognition or fame. The Healer remains humble since his or her support comes from deeds and accumulated respect.
  5. Be wary of those claiming to be Adepts, Masters, Avatars or reincarnations of famous people. The only measure of a Practitioner’s ability is the outcome, not their training nor their lineage.
  6. The Practitioner understands that experience is superior to belief. Pity is transformed into loving-kindness by skillful action. Faith and belief are like trees without roots – practical experience is needed to effect changes in physical, emotional and spiritual states.
  7. The Practitioner is aware of the power of contagious proximity. If someone yawns, others follow suit. If I laugh, so do you. The Practitioner’s quiet mind is catching! Without effort symbiosis occurs.
  8. The Practitioner understands the necessity for sharing their knowledge. If the river does not flow the water becomes stagnant.
  9. The Practitioner is not in conflict with disease; by using it, he or she overcomes ignorance. Powerful learning arises in the face of difficulty – military attitudes and terminology such as ‘fighting the illness’ render the experience ineffective.
  10. Perhaps none of the Ten Principles may be important or useful. These Ten Guides may be helpful but they are not revered rituals and may change at any time.


The Ten Phenomena

Deep Field Relaxation and the quality of our knowing is dependent upon our understanding of the Ten Phenomena, which are:

  • The tendency of nature towards harmony.
  • The continuous flow of energy creating the illusion of matter.
  • The field, continually moulded by energy cannot be created or destroyed.
  • The intention of the experimenter affects the outcome of the experiment.
  • The contagiousness of proximity.
  • The superiority of clear intent over confusion.
  • The validity of experience.
  • The expansiveness of spiritual desire.
  • The contraction of fear into logic.
  • The inability to know.

Clif Sanderson, founder of DFR