Many people who live far away in their quest to find wellness, ask for Distant DFR sessions.

In the modern quantum world we talk about non-local or no-Distance, no-Time impact and it has the same results as face to face sessions. We do not attempt to discover the multiple and complex causes of the illness because that is almost impossible for anyone to find. Instead, we prefer to create the Space where your own body goes into the state of deep relaxation and allows the powerful natural forces to correct any existing imbalances. You could say that our own DNA has a unique inbuilt pattern of adjusting to new situations, that through millennia we were given an amazing self-regulating, self-restoring mechanism which continues to evolve especially now.

The Mind Music helps to create and maintain that necessary Space, to connect us to the Information Field of Creativity and gives the mind a chance to relax and get out of the way. Your focus needs to be, NOT on trying to find roots of the problem/ illness or symptoms, but rather the way to grow from the given experience. Later you may guide others towards that liberation from illness, to complete relief from stress.

When and How?

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 9 pm your local time,  if you request it, your name and location will be included in the list for the remote DFR session. During this hour you should simply lie down, practice slow deep breathing and visualise positive changes happening. If you drift off to sleep that is also OK – it works equally well! You may feel the effect at the time, or in many cases it will be felt some time before or later. You may feel warmth, tingling or electric sensations, or pulsating in different parts of the body. Some times  sensations are very subtle. Whatever you feel at first, there is invariably some gentle reaction, which tells you that a change has begun. Just observe it, allow the mind to wander, perhaps in a dreamy way, with nothing particular to think about.

We do recommend you to play the Mind Music CD which enhances the relaxation response. If you don’t have it, stay in complete silence. Once you have confirmed that you wish to commit to these sessions, we can start them in groups of three. Depending on the changes, you may wish to repeat the set of 3 again and again for some time. You are most welcome to ask any questions by email between sessions.

Price for 3 Distant Sessions

In Europe – €125– (Book now OR pay us through the direct transfer to our German bank account, we will provide the details.)

In Australia – AU$125, New Zealand– NZ$125 In USA and the rest of the world – US$125

Contact us if you have more questions