Clif and Galina Sanderson following their destiny, met 24 years ago in the wards of the Children’s Hematological Hospital in Minsk, Belarus.

Clif Sanderson(1939-2013)

Born in New Zealand, Clif Sanderson became known internationally as a creative thinker and inspirational teacher. He was a pioneer in applying intention and consciousness as powerful tools for healing and transformation. The effectiveness of his ground breaking approach – Deep Field Relaxation™ – has been thoroughly researched by German and Russian scientists….

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Galina Sanderson

Galina Sanderson – a globe trotter, Creative Director of Deep Field Relaxation™,  documentary film director, former free-lance correspondent to CBS TV (USA) and SBS Radio (Australia), cultural creative and transformational coach, she has been studying, researching and teaching the power of sound and voice for many years.
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