Born in New Zealand (Aotearoa), Clif Sanderson (1939-2013) became known internationally as a creative thinker, mystic and inspirational teacher.

 He made his first attempt to merge science, mysticism and spirituality while researching and directing the documentary God Doesn’t Play Dice in 1986 for Australian Television. His curiosity and passion turned him into a non-stop traveller, explorer and student of different healing traditions around the world.

The effectiveness of his ground breaking approach – Deep Field Relaxation™ – has been thoroughly researched by German and Russian scientists.

Long before quantum physics theory became commonly known, he started applying consciousness and intention for purposes of healing and transformation. Whenever others tell of the impossible, Clif has invariably broken through that belief with innovative, original and inspirational tools. He tested his own beliefs in the “real field” by accepting an invitation to work with the victims of the Chernobyl disaster in Belarus and Russia in 1990. Sanderson participated in numerous medical research projects into the effects of energy medicine and intention in treating radiation related illnesses. The Russian Ministry of Health acknowledged Clif’s contribution with the special “Award for Humanitarian Service to Medical Science”.

He tirelessly built bridges between spirituality and science and presented his innovative approach to health to the special interest group at the United Nations and St. John’s Cathedral (New York), St. James Church in Piccadilly (London), Maggie Hospital (Pittsburgh), The Essalen Institute (California), Heidelberg University (Germany), Russian Institute of Technology, Institute of Paediatrics and Surgery, Moscow Oncological hospital (Russian Federation), Psi-Tage Congress (Switzerland). Twice he shared the platform with Nobel Committee member, Dr. Bjorn Nordstrum at the International Congress on Independent Research into Cancer (Australia).

Clif’s latest completed research with Tumourbiology Institute of Freiburg University (Germany) showed, that DFR brings improvement to the quality of life of terminally ill cancer patients. Professor Harald Walach, director of the Institute of Transcultural Health Sciences at the European University Viadrina (Germany), comments on Clif’s work: “This new and appealing method is a specifically interesting form of non-local healing as it does not involve any form of belief on the part of the patient and is not about any potential influence that may give cause for concern.”

Books :”Knowing Nothing, Living Happy“,”Making Outrageous Claims”,  “Earth Bound“. Articles : ‘Chernobyl, Out of the Darkness’ and ‘Chernobyl a Message for the Physical World’ -Townsend Letter for Doctors, 1993, 1997; ‘Down the Line- Chernobyl’, International Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, 1993.

He was the editor and author of ‘The Qigong Newsletter’; scriptwriter and director of ” God Doesn’t Play Dice‘ documentary as well as producer of “Mind Music’”CD, “Flying Bird Qigong Exercises“ DVD and his Feng Shui Home Study Manual CD.

Radio and TV interviews include: BBC World Service, SKY TV London, Manhattan Radio; Central TV( Russia), New York, Sydney and others.

 ”… I have a poem which “fell from the sky” three years ago, in answer to a quest, but it has never been dedicated to anybody. Now that I have seen the cover to your book ”Knowing Nothing, Living Happy”, and read the book, and understood it, and seen other illustrations in the book, I realise that the poem is meant to be dedicated to you. I dedicate this poem to Clif Sanderson.”  Ian Leighton


Love Flows
From Earth
And Sky
Through You
Innocent Child.
Sweet Dreamer,
Peace Schemer.
World Healer,
Truth Speaker.
Freedom Maker,
Humanity Embracer.
Life Lover,
Sleep Waker.
Star Seeker,
Mystery Muser.
Rider of
Between the Earth
And the Sky.